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Does Anyone Want Less Abortions?

Does anyone want less abortions? Simplicity is a beautiful thing.  Any time a subject becomes overly complex it stops making sense.  However, there is a limit to simplifying ideas. Once the argument drops below three different positions it becomes too narrow to adequately address the concepts being discussed. We see this happening in our national debates all the time. Democrat or Republican, right or left, pro-life or abortion rights are just a few examples. There are large political and economic forces encouraging us to stay in this limited mind set.  Industries that want favorable government regulation and tax treatment partner with politicians that need financial support to win elections.  Without a culturally powerful agenda there is not enough enthusiasm to bring out the vote.  The manufacturing of a yes or no kind of argument around abortion allows them to get their politician elected.  Democracy is a wonderful concept, but the path to a strong and healthy democracy is long and hard.  Consider the issue of the murder rate in the county.  The argument around how to reduce it includes increased policing and the underlying social and economic conditions of the populations most effected.  We understand that just the fact that...

How to decide whether to take the Covid-19 Vaccine

There are at least three positions to have on taking the covid-19 vaccine. One can decide to take it, decide not to take it or not be sure.  Those that have taken the vaccine have listened to the government, the medical community, media sources or family and friends that they trust and concluded that it made sense to get the vaccine.  They may have had personal experiences with covid-19 that reinforced their belief that taking the vaccine was the right decision for themselves. Those that have decided not to take the vaccine have also listened to the government, the medical community, media sources, family and friends and may have also had personal experiences with covid but came the conclusion that for them they should not get vaccinated. Then there are the people that have listened to the same sources, but are not sure who to trust. The common denominator here is “trust”.  Who do we trust?  Do we trust the medical community, the media, our family, and friends our own experience or our own minds?  There is plenty of reason to say no to each of these options.  Why should we trust the government which has been repeatedly exposed of...

How to understand America’s involvement in Afghanistan

Why did America go into Afghanistan and why did we leave?  Without going into the long history of invaders beginning at least 2,500 years ago and instead focusing on the comparatively recent involvement of the United States beginning in 2001, we can have a relatively clear understanding of our motives.  After the al-Qaida network based in Afghanistan attacked us on September 11, we demanded that the Taliban controlled government, which was heavily influenced by al-Qaida, turn over bin Laden.  When they did not do so, we began bombing Taliban bases that may have belonged to the al-Qaida network.  With air support and as few as 2,500 US troops, an Afghanistan faction was then able to take control of the country away from the Taliban.  At this early stage in 2002, it looked like we had achieved at least part of our objective.  Although we had not captured bin-Laden, we had at least removed the government that had given him and the al-Qaida network a base of operations.  From this point things did not go well.  The government failed to be able to unite the countries diverse war lords.  Taliban and al-Qaida fighters reemerged.  Seemingly endless bloodshed ensued despite U.S. troop...

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